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Online / Instructional Design / iClicker Support

Applying adult-education theory and proven instructional design methods, we design and develop online courses to enhance the professional development of VCH staff and physicians. Where needed, we use the LearningHub learning management system for tracking completions and compliance.


New Media & UX

Responsive Apps/Mobile & AR/VR

Striving for optimal User Experience (UX), we build responsive apps for web, mobile, and tablet, including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for deeper immersion. To respond to the changing needs of our clients we’re always up for innovating using Design Thinking and Agile methodologies.

EG: UX Research



Photography / Video Production / Animation

Mastering all aspects of motion graphics, we can manage every phase of video production for our clients: from con­cep­tu­al­iza­tion, storyboarding, filming, to post-production. Our expertise in visual animation, photography, audio recording, and sound editing all enhance the quality of the final product.


Branding / Infographics / Visual Communications

Solving problems through Visual Communication guidelines, we transform messages to brands and words to visuals. We use typography, photography, animation, illustrations, iconography and more, all to help reduce cognitive load and increase clarity in messaging. We deliver in both print and digital mediums.


Course Shells / Team Sites / Design & Development

Utilizing multiple web-based technologies, we design interactive, responsive, and immersive sites for eLearning, community-of-practice team sites, and other customized application. Our web applications are optimized to address the diverse needs of our clients across VCH and other BC health authorities. 

Remote Learning

Synchronous / Asynchronous / Blended

Also referred to as Distance Learning, this encompasses various tools and technologies to allow flexibility and variety when in-person learning cannot be achieved. In addition to eLearning courses, educators are able to host Online Live Sessions, through applications, to engage learners in the virtual space.

How to Facilitate a Class on Zoom

Remote Learning Strategy

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